Indigenous people demand King Charles’ settlement with colonial era

INDIGENOUS LEADERS AND POLITICIANS from twelve Commonwealth realms have signed an open letter to King Charles III where they demand an apology for the colonial era. On Saturday, Charles will be crowned king and become the new head of state of the kingdoms that include Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Jamaica, as well as several smaller island states.

In the letter, they demand recognition of the suffering inflicted on indigenous peoples through genocide and the slave trade, compensation for the plunder of natural resources and cultural degradation, as well as the return of human remains, cultural treasures and artifacts. still in British Museums.

Australian senator and former Olympic athlete Nova Peris is one of those making the call. She advocates for Australia to become a republic and have its own head of state. The Guardian

EXPLOSIONS ARE REPORTED in kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities last night. Air defense systems were activated in several locations. In southern Russia, an oil refinery was set on fire after a drone attack. The fire is now out. BBC News/Reuters

BRAZILIAN POLICE SEARCHED EX-PRESIDENT’S HOME Jair Bolsonaro and confiscated the ex-president’s passport as part of the investigation into fake vaccine passports. Six people must be arrested in connection with the same action.

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