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Nico & Vinz will warm up Bruno Mars before twelve concerts this summer, and will tour with the superstar from July 24 to August 17.

The duo from Oslo will, among other things, give two concerts at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, which is one of the largest concert halls in North America, and will play in major cities such as Denver and San Jose in the United States. .

– It’s incredibly fun that they have the opportunity to be on such a big tour, and that means fantastic exposure to the music of Nico & Vinz, says Charlotte Öqvist of the duo’s Norwegian record label Warner Music.

Charlotte Öqvist, head of promotion at Warner Music Norway, hopes the tour can lift Nico & Vinz higher up the Billboard list.

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Hoping for first place

Bruno Mars has sold eleven million albums and 68 million singles and won two Grammy Awards. Mars has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart five times since debuting on the chart in 2010, making him the first male artist since Elvis Presley to achieve so many top spots in such a short time.

Nico & Vinz have been in fourth place on this chart for three weeks with the single “Am I Wrong”and also ranks third official card in Canada. Charlotta Öqvist hopes the tour can help them hit the charts in the United States.

– The competition at the top of the Billboard is tough, but nothing is impossible. Hard work is the basis of Nico & Vinz’s success, and with even more hard work, they can hope to rise to the top of the list.

– One of the largest of its kind

P3 music producer Marie Komissar believes touring with Bruno Mars can make Nico & Vinz even more popular in North America.

Mary Commissioner

Marie Komissar has seen Nico & Vinz perform several times and thinks Americans will be impressed by the duo’s performance.

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This is a fantastic opportunity for Nico & Vinz to introduce themselves to a large North American audience. Bruno Mars is one of the biggest names in the pop genre and I’m sure it will bring them many new fans.

Komissar also believes that North American audiences will be impressed by Nicolay Sereba and Vincent Dery’s live performance.

– Here in Norway, we were almost spoiled by the concerts of Nico & Vinz. Their gigs are fully cast and performed, and it’s easy to get carried away with the songs and the charm.

Big hit on Spotify

On Monday night, “Am I Wrong” surpassed 100 million streams on the Spotify streaming service.

It’s more than Nico & Vinz’s top three songs on Billboard’s singles chart, but they’re still a long way behind their new touring partner. Bruno Mars’ most played song on Spotify, “Locked Out of Heaven”, has been played 124 million times on the streaming service.

Last week, the duo rose to the top of the radio charts in the United States and now have the most played song on American radio. They also made history by becoming the first to enter the UK Singles Chart using only streams on various streaming services. As of this writing, Am I Wrong is in 72nd place Official UK Singles Chart.

Watch Nico & Vinz at the Nobel concert:

Bruno Mars Halftime Show at the Superbowl:

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