The Kremlin denies a defecation accident

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had to deal with a number of speculations about his health in recent years, and following the war in Ukraine in particular.

As early as March, Dagbladet wrote that there were rumors in Western intelligence circles that he might be seriously ill, and quoted, among others, the defense and security editor of the highly respected British newspaper The Guardian , Dan Sabbagh.

He wrote that such claims have been discussed in British tabloids for a number of years and are not supported by open sources or hard evidence. Nevertheless, he pointed out that intelligence sources have now told him that over the past five years they have noticed that Putin’s “personality has changed dramatically”.

The change was particularly characterized by “evident and growing health anxiety,” Sabbagh wrote.

The Kremlin has previously firmly dismissed rumors about the president’s health – and they feel compelled to do so again this week.

– Fell down the stairs and…

Last week, the profile of the Russian Telegram General SVR was published, which allegedly led by a former Russian intelligence officer with access to Putin’s inner circle, a longer post on a “very difficult” day’s work for the president.

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