Fløystad elected head of NSR – NRK Sápmi

– It is important that the new Board of Directors works to strengthen the finances of the organization. Then we will also increase recruitment and have more members, Fløystad tells NRK.

She believes that the organization will manage it. Fløystad lives in Soppero in Sweden, but is originally from Skånland in Norway.

Here is the new NSR Board of Directors:

Beatrice Fløystad – leader, Hinnøy and the surrounding Sami association

Vidar Andersen – organizational vice-president, Tromsø Sami association

Beaska Niillas – Political Deputy Head, Tana Sami Association

Gunn Anita Jacobsen – board member, Kvænangen Sami association

Gaebpien Egon – crew member, Maadtoij website

Rita Helmi Toivosdatter Laakso – board member, Mjøsa and the surrounding Sami association

Vidar Andersen was proposed as a candidate for the leadership, but the selection committee preferred Beatrice Fløystad.

– I’m running for vice president of the organization, Andersen said just before the election. This means that there was no postal vote.

It should also be noted that Karasjok, Kautokeino and Nesseby are not represented on the board.

The youth committee

These were elected to the NSR Youth Committee Board of Directors:

Elle Márgget Nystad – leader, Karasjok Sami association

HEAD OF THE YOUTH COMMITTEE: Elle Márgget Nystad will lead NSR-U.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

Jon Anta Eira Åhrén – board member, Nord-Trøndelag Sami association

Thérèse Olsen – board member, Dielddanuorguovllu Nuorak

Lemet Máheli Gaup Myrnes – board member, Kautokeino Sami association

Benedikte Eriksen – board member, Salten Sami Association

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